Do you need a transmission specialist for truck transmission work?

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Truck Transmission Repair Specialist

Trucks are built for tough terrain and heavy loads, which makes a truck transmission more complex and trucks more expensive.  To protect your investment, when it comes to truck transmissions, you want an expert to do your transmission repair.   Choosing the right specialist will generally provide you a better warranty, faster service, and a more highly trained and certified mechanic.  Ask your service center or Transmission shop if they have Truck Transmission Repair Specialists available for your make and model when you set up your appointment.  A specialist will be trained by the manufacturer and have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep you on the road.

When is it okay to use a general service center?

For transmission service such as flushes, fluid replacement or transmission gasket replacement, a general service center will be more cost effective.  However, if you need a repair, call on the experts to ensure the longest life for your truck transmission.