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Transmission Repair – Fluid Leak

Transmission Repair

A transmission leak is one of those minor repairs that should be done immediately. There are severe consequences for neglecting to set up immediate transmission repair for a leak.  Once you notice the leak, keep in mind that a smaller leak is easier to fix than a larger leak.  And the leak will continue to get larger if left alone.


There are many causes of transmission leaks.  A mechanic would need to determine if there is a gap somewhere in the transmission, a leak in the pan, a nick or crack in the fluid line due to road debris or heat, loose or broken seals, etc.

Signs, Symptoms

The most common sign of a transmission fluid leak is a red oil stain on the pavement where your vehicle was parked. If the transmission fluid gets too low you will notice bucking, slipping out of gear, or high RPMs without accelerating. There are multiple causes of a leak, from the oil pan to the torque converter, and it can be difficult to find out where exactly it’s coming from.

Inspection & Repair

If your vehicle exhibits these symptoms, repair the transmission immediately, do not drive any further. If left unattended a transmission leak can leave you stranded.

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