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Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

You Take Steps to Get Your House Cleaned Up and in Working Order in the Spring, Why Not Your Car?

Routine maintenance isn’t something we tend to look forward to or to get excited about. However, it’s one of those things that can stave off expensive car repair bills which are even less exciting. Routine maintenance can also help to get your car back to optimum performance and make it more enjoyable to drive, especially when the weather turns.

Rather than viewing it as something you have to do, make time for your regular 30k, 60k, or 90k mileage maintenance as the weather breaks. When you make plans for spring cleaning this year, put a stop into Duramax on your list.

Why Should Routine Maintenance Be on Your Spring-Cleaning List?

Check Engine Lights

Your mechanic will be able to run a diagnostic check on your vehicle and determine the cause for any check engine lights or other signs that your car might not be performing optimally. Think of it like a checkup or a physical for your car, truck, or SUV. Looking under the hood regularly can make sure that you spot potential problems before they develop into costly repairs. It’s kind of like walking around your house and inspecting it for issues once the weather breaks.

Oil Change

We tend to drive more when the weather breaks which means more wear and tear on our engines. This makes spring is a great time to refresh your oil supply too. Emptying out the sludge like oil that can back up your engine and replacing it with fresh new oil can protect your engine and keep it functioning optimally.

Tire Rotation

Much like changing your oil, changing or more accurately, rotating your tires this spring can keep you safe during spring showers. During your routinely scheduled maintenance, your mechanic will make sure that your tread is wearing evenly to get the best traction and keep your family safe during trips to the park, soccer games, and more. During a tire rotation your vehicle’s mechanic will also check the dept and the wear pattern of your tire’s treads for your family’s safety.

Break Inspection

While the weather isn’t as harsh during the spring, there are still changing weather conditions. Your regularly scheduled maintenance will include a break inspection to ensure that you are safe and able to stop rain or shine.

Cabin Filter

Spring is the time when pollen is at its peak! Make sure that your car is prepared with a new cabin air filter. This filter will be checked during your routinely scheduled maintenance which makes spring the perfect time to schedule this service for your vehicle. Enjoy the weather without the itchy eyes and runny noses this year.

Engine Air Filter

Equally as important, your engine air filter will need replacing routinely. By making your regularly scheduled maintenance part of your spring-cleaning routine you can ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape! Just like your house!


Spring cleaning means cleaning yes, but it also means replenishing your cleaning supplies. You need the right fluids to clean your windows and make sure your home is running properly – just like your vehicle. During your regularly scheduled maintenance your mechanic will go through, replacing or replenishing all the fluids from your windshield to your breaks!


You might be able to sit on your porch and enjoy the spring showers, but when they happen on your next drive make sure you’re prepared with new wiper blades. Spring cleaning your vehicle includes a wiper inspection to make sure that you have exactly what you need to be safe on the roads this season.

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