Grey car parked by flowering trees in spring

Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

You Take Steps to Get Your House Cleaned Up and in Working Order in the Spring, Why Not Your Car? Routine maintenance isn’t something we tend to look forward to or to get excited about. However, it’s one of those things that can stave off expensive car repair bills which are even less exciting. Routine […]

Emergency supplies for travel/cars

What to Keep in Your Car for Emergencies

You Never Wish For an Emergency, But It’s A Good Idea to be Prepared For One Just in Case. No one ever likes to dwell on what could potentially happen, but if something does go wrong, being prepared can make all of the difference. If you got stuck on the side of the road due […]

Christmas tree with ornaments

It’s Beginning to Look Like…Car Trouble

The Time For Winter Maintenance is Now The winter winds are blowing, and with them comes car trouble. From heaters that won’t work to cars that won’t turn over, cold weather and the wear and tear that comes with it, can do a number on your vehicle. Don’t wait until you start experiencing these problems […]

Car Enging with Belts

Ignoring Your Timing Belt Can Be Costly

Replacing Your Timing Belt Can Save You Loads On Potential Repairs Take a moment to imagine a symphony, without a conductor, no one to tell each musician what to play, when to start, and how to play it.  Your vehicle’s timing belt is like the conductor for your engine.  It keeps everything in sync and […]