2003 AUDI A6 Edition Engine Rebuild (Under Budget)

Automatic Transmission - transmission flush or fluid exchange

Do I need a Transmission Flush or Transmission Fluid Exchange?

There are two main automotive services for transmissions, but which is the most effective?  Which one will increase the life of your vehicle? For a Transmission Fluid Exchange, referred to as a “Transmission Service”, the pan is drained and the filter is replaced.  This is recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles.  It’s an improvement […]

transmission repairs

Time for Transmission Repair?

Replacing your transmission is one of the most expensive automotive repairs.  Fortunately, if you recognize them early, there are some signs to watch for that will lead to easier, less expensive transmission repairs.  Some signs & symptoms will alert you to the need for a simple transmission maintenance such as adding fluid or flushing the […]