From Woodburn and Keizer, Oregon

  1. Merge onto I-5 South toward Salem.
  • Drive 15.43 miles from Woodburn and 3.58 miles from Keizer
  1. Take the OR-213/Market St exit, EXIT 256, toward Lancaster Mall.
  • Drive 0.30 miles
  1. Keep left to take the ramp toward Lancaster Mall.
  • Drive 0.05 miles
  1. Turn slight left toward Lancaster Mall.
  • Drive 0.02 miles
  1. Turn slight left onto Market St NE/OR-213.
  • Drive 0.31 miles
  1. Turn right onto Lancaster Dr NE.
    • Lancaster Dr NE is just past 38th Pl NE
    • If you reach Clay St NE you’ve gone a little too far
  • Drive 1.30 miles
  1. Turn right onto Amber St NE.
    • Boondocks Food & Fun is on the corner
    • If you reach Hudson Ave NE you’ve gone about 0.1 miles too far
  • Drive 0.02 miles
  1.   We are the big blue building on the right with a yellow sign. 3851 AMBER ST NE.
    • If you reach Colt Ln NE you’ve gone a little too far